Here are some words from clients who have been kind enough to write down how I’ve helped them. I’ve not disclosed their full details for confidentiality reasons.

 Jill – Home and Home office consultation

Having been successfully guided by Joy with Feng Shui principles in my last home, it made sense to seek such guidance again to bring flow back into my life, both on a business and personal basis. I felt that the timing was right and knew that Joy is the person to trust.

The changes were tangible almost immediately following putting Joy’s guidelines and changes into effect.  The house began to feel much more like a home, the office now feels less sterile, more welcoming and far more conducive to getting things done.  Personally, I feel more settled within myself and I’m beginning to consider my future in more positive terms.

Joy was able to guide me about colour and furniture arrangement. I was amazed that the ‘Feng Shui’ ideals of both of these for my house brought about the look that I’d been trying to achieve but which had eluded me for so long!

I refer to the guidelines that Joy left me and consult with her if I am considering making changes to, for example, furniture or room layout, or if I am planning to put up different pictures etc. The written guidelines she gives for follow-up reference are clear and simple to understand which I haven’t found before when referring to Feng Shui books etc.

Within 3 months I got a new job, my weight came down my almost 2 stones, without any real effort and I find that I am eating much more healthily, again without any real effort.

I would ABSOLUTELY recommend having a Feng Shui consultation with Joy. No need to think hard about it, Joy’s work brings results, no doubt about it.


Joy Taylor FSSA