What I do

What I actually do during a consultation

It’s hard to tell from the outside exactly what I’m doing when I’m doing a survey. There are lots of different ‘layers’ to Feng Shui, each needing a different way of looking at things, and/or a different set of calculations. Each layer builds upon the next to give a full Feng Shui picture of the property.

Before the consultation I will survey the area around the property to see where it sits in the landscape. I’ll assess the possible impact surrounding structures, landforms, roads, water, etc. may have on your building. I may take photographs for reference.

During the consultation you’ll see me doing 4 activities:

  • Asking you questions about the property and the people in the property
  • Looking inside and outside the property, then making notes
  • Using a large compass and field meters to gather information
  • Sitting down drawing symbols and lines on the house plans, then doing the calculations using charts and reference sheets

If you’d like to know what precisely I’ll be doing, Click Here
(Note: most of this page will only make sense to you if you’ve studied Classical Feng Shui)

After The consultation I’ll return to the office, spend some time assessing and interpreting the information I’ve gathered, then I’ll produce your report.

The report will contain the key information you need to be able to improve and optimise your living and working spaces.

Now you know what I do during a consultation, lets look at the different Feng Shui Services I Offer

Joy Taylor FSSA