My Feng Shui ‘Tools’

The Feng Shui Tools and Techniques I Use

During the consultation I will use a combination of the following: (Warning – lots of wierd sounding Feng Shui Jargon coming up…)

  • Calculate each individual’s Feng Shui astrology chart, Lo Shu and Ming Kua number
  • Survey the plot and subdivide it into 9 areas using Late Heaven Sequence trigrams
  • Assess the Feng Shui Form outside the property – looking for the “mountain”, “Dragon”, “Phoenix” and “Tiger”
  • Find out where the Chi is coming from relative to the front door and how it affects the property
  • Use the Lo Pan compass to assess the quality of Chi coming through the front door and to assess the impact of negative chi sources
  • Survey the house and calculate its ‘horoscope’ using the Late Heaven Sequence trigrams
  • Survey each room for obvious Feng Shui form issues e.g. Beams, Sharp angles, ‘wonky’ doors, etc.
  • Use the Lo Pan compass to assess which of the 24 mountains are at the entrance doors
  • Calculate the flying stars for the property and make recommendations about where and how to drain and strengthen the chi
  • Find out where the strongest and weakest chi is during this current fate period in relation to each of the 9 sectors
  • Fly the Lo Shu stars room by room to find the best positions for desks, beds, etc.
  • Use the 5 elements to check the room colours relative to each sector of the property
  • Assess the artwork/imagery in each sector to make sure you are giving out appropriate signals in relation to each sector of the property
  • Use professional field meters to assess levels of ‘Electrosmog’ from radio masts and electrical sources/devices
Joy Taylor FSSA