Feng Shui today

Why do we need Feng Shui today?

I consider Feng Shui to be more valuable in our 21st century homes and offices than ever before.

Ideally, we’d all be able to have our dream home built in a perfect location, designed for our own unique preferences and built from non-toxic materials.

In reality most of us have to compromise when choosing a home. We’re usually restricted by budget and availability of suitable houses or land.

In many modern developments space standards have decreased, building materials are less healthy, and there are unprecedented levels of electromagnetic/microwave radiation from hidden power cables and phone masts.

Because of these and other issues many people are living in places that don’t feel like home. They just aren’t quite right, or people don’t feel quite right within them. Some buildings have the power to literally make people ill.

So how can you make effective improvements? This is where Feng Shui provides the answers by using some tried and tested models and tools to assess our living and working environments. A trained Consultant can predict the likely effect the building and its layout will have on its inhabitants.

By identifying and reducing unseen drains on your health and energy, Feng Shui helps your home and office work for you.

Now lets look at why its a good idea to Hire a Professional Feng Shui Consultant

Joy Taylor FSSA