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Feng Shui supports the creation of a comfortable, happy place to live in and come home to. It can also turn your office into a launching pad for business success.Think about it for a moment, if we sleep, live or work in ‘draining’ environments, we are more likely to be tired, stressed or even become ill for no obvious reason.

With Feng Shui you can learn how to create healthy living and working environments that can support, energise and protect you. It can even improve your luck!

Feng Shui is a precise art that improves the natural flow of ‘Chi’ energy around your living spaces. If your environment is energised, life becomes less of a struggle and far more enjoyable. In Feng Shui we use elements of design, light, colour, texture, imagery and placement to create spaces that ‘just work well’ and feel good to be in.

Many aspects of good Feng Shui are just good common sense. Common sense however is not common practice in modern buildings. Current fashions and poor design can leave you with a home or office that doesn’t support how you want to live and work. It’s not uncommon for a place to ‘feel wrong’ and yet you can’t put your finger on just what it is that needs changing.

My Feng Shui knowledge and experience helps me to identify what’s making your place ‘less than wonderful’ and I can show you what changes you need to make for things to improve. It’s difficult for the untrained eye to see the obvious that needs changing. It’s especially difficult to assess your own home as you’re far too close to it to be able to objectively see what’s really going on.

My clients say they enjoy the feeling of being back in control of their home. It’s invaluable to have a ‘map’ and a set of guidelines to follow when making home improvements and updating decor and furnishings. When you understand the ‘character’ of a building – where the good bits and not so good bits are, you can work with it. You can learn to use the space to your advantage. This way you get the best out of your home. And with a great home for support you can get the best out of your life.

This site is being developed all the time, so soon you’ll be able to access lots of useful information here about Feng Shui and the practical things you can do to make your home or office a healthier, more life-enhancing place.

Firstly, you might like to Learn a little about Feng Shui– Healthy Living Spaces style.

Joy Taylor FSSA