Why use it?

People choose to have their home or office ‘Feng Shui Surveyed’ for many and varied reasons.

It costs far less for a Feng Shui consultation to get your existing place working for you, than it does to relocate.

Sometimes people experience a run of ‘bad luck’ or bad health after moving into a new home, or after extending or re-modelling their existing home.

Some people simply want to ensure their home is as healthy and supportive of each family member as possible.

Others have specific issues they want to deal with like:

Insomnia;   Low energy;   Ill-health;   Stress;   Cash flow problems;  Depression;   Neighbour disputes;   Help with career or studies;   Attract or improve relationships;   Feeling ‘stuck in a rut’;   Bad fortune;   Family problems;   Difficulty connecting with the outside world;   and so on…

Is Feng Shui the magic easy answer to all of your life’s problems?

No. Not every problem is caused by a Feng Shui environmental issue. Sometimes bad things happen due to bad choices or plain bad luck.

A Feng Shui consultant will tell you if there are any obvious things in your environment that could be causing the problems. Then they can tell you what specifically you can do about it.

Feng Shui is invaluable when choosing a new home or before remodelling your existing home. A change in the environment will affect the people living in it. Optimisation and prevention is always better than cure.

Now lets look at Why Feng Shui is so useful today

Joy Taylor FSSA