You can choose from a variety of Feng Shui services depending on your needs

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In addition to the surveys I also offer:

‘Key Issue’ Coaching
If you find you need extra help from me after your consultation, either working on key issues raised during my visit, or if you need help following through with any recommendations, I offer an ongoing Coaching service.This is usually done over the phone at a pre-arranged time or face-to-face in my Sheffield practice room.

Personal Feng Shui Reports
I use ‘9-Star Ki’ character evaluation as a tool within my Feng Shui practice. This is an assessment of a persons elemental energetic make-up, determined by when they were born. This enables me to better understand who you are, what support you need, and what season of life you are experiencing right now.  Understanding these things about yourself helps you ‘go with the flow’ of life, rather than being ‘stuck’ or constantly struggling to move forward. It’s an excellent life planning tool and provides a useful way of  better understanding yourself and your relationships with others.

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Joy Taylor FSSA