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Feng Shui for your home

Here’s a list of services with a guide to the fees, which will vary depending on the size/complexity of the property, and travelling costs.

A site visit is invaluable for a full consutation to really get a ‘feel’ for the place and to accurately assess the  environment in and around the property.

If you need a more cost effective option, thanks to the wonders of modern technology I’m able to offer remote consutations using house plans, photos/video that you supply.

Full Domestic Consultations – From £480
This involves a full on-site survey and written report. You also get 3 months email support to answer any questions regarding the consultation or the suggested recommendations.
Remote – From £360

Key Issue Domestic Consultations – From £360
Here I will focus on a specific issue you might have and assess your home with that in mind.
Remote – From £220

House buying surveys/scans From £280
+£90 for each additional property
A new home is one of the biggest investments you’ll make, so it’s worth getting prospective properties checked out for suitability before you commit to buy. I will assess any properties that you’re considering buying and tell you if it has good Feng Shui, and if it looks like it will be a good ‘fit’ for you and your family. Importantly, this helps you filter out any bad properties that can turn into costly mistakes.

House selling consultations – From £320
Make sure your home is giving off the right messages to prospective buyers, speed up the sale and enhance the prosperity factor of the property.

Healthy Home Survey – From £180
This service is invaluable to ensure you reduce invisible health hazards that could affect you and your family. Have your living and sleeping areas checked for Geopathic Stress and high levels of Electro-magnetic or microwave radiation.

Travel costs – Charged at 50p/mile + £10/hr

Now you’ve seen the range of ways I can help, feel free to Contact Me

Joy Taylor FSSA