About The Consultant Joy Taylor

Joy Taylor FSSA combines aspects of Classical Feng Shui with a contemporary understanding of modern environments.

She first trained with the Feng Shui Academy in 1999,and then in 2008 studied Classical Feng Shui with Jon Sandifer leading to Feng Shui Society accreditation in 2009.

She has a background in architecture and design, and has worked as a multi-disciplinary natural health practitioner for over 18 years combining Eastern and Western approaches to health and wellbeing.

From this experience she’s developed a great understanding of how our living and working environments affect the quality of our life, our stress levels and our ongoing health.

Joy considers Feng Shui to be a very effective health and life enhancement tool. She has a down-to-earth, healthy, practical approach to making Classical Feng Shui work in today’s living spaces.


Joy Taylor FSSA