Why hire a Consultant?

A Fish is the last to see water…

It’s really difficult to assess our own living spaces. We’re just too close to work out objectively what’s really going on.
Even Feng Shui Pros get help from colleagues to assess their own home and office.

There are many books on Feng Shui and lots of information on the internet, so you might think that it’s cheaper and easier to do it yourself. The more books you read the more confusing it is, as much of the advice is contradictory.

Many people try implementing one-size-fits-all advice in their home. Some will experience small improvements, but most will quickly come to the conclusion that Feng Shui just doesn’t work.

There are almost as many confusing styles and systems of Feng Shui out there as there are diets, so I’ll use weight loss to illustrate:
If you try to combine a high protein and a high carbohydrate diet to lose weight you’ll probably get fatter. You’d get results but not the result you were looking for. To lose weight effectively you’d need to choose one dietary system that combines foods that suits your particular body type, lifestyle and tastes.

Feng Shui is the same. For optimum results you need to combine Feng Shui tools that work together as a system tailored to your particular home, lifestyle and tastes. A professional consultant has the training and experience to do this quickly and effectively.

Hiring a consultant can save you lots of time and money as we know what questions to ask and exactly what to look for in and around a property. From your situation and location we’ll know which Feng Shui ‘tools’ to combine for greatest effect then we’ll only suggest you change the things that will make the biggest difference.

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Joy Taylor FSSA