Frequently asked questions

Does Feng Shui Work?

Yes, Feng Shui works most of the time… if a building is evaluated properly and the suggested changes are followed through with by the client.  Many problems can’t be solved by using Feng Shui alone, however if you use it to create a supportive atmosphere, you’ll be able to tackle large ongoing problems with less stress and greater ease.

How long before I see results?

That depends. Sometimes results happen within days, other times it can take longer.
If you as a client follow through and make the changes you’ll experience improvements on many levels as a result of getting your space to work for you and support you.

If you as a client don’t follow through with making the recommended changes, it’s unlikely you’ll experience the results you want.

Feng Shui is a useful tool, not a magic wand. It’s impossible to predict exactly what will happen when. The best way to engage with it is to be flexible, enjoy the process and keep an open mind as the results unfold.

How soon can you visit after I’ve made my booking?

I always do my best to visit as soon as is practical after you’ve made the booking. Typically, for a weekday consultation the time is between two to four weeks after receiving your deposit.

Will you teach me about Feng Shui when you do my consultation?

As part of your consultation, after the survey I will teach you the basic principles in order for you to understand what changes to make and why.

Some people try and get the consultant to teach them all about Feng Shui at the same time as they are surveying a property. This is not a good idea as it distracting for the consultant who needs to concentrate on doing the job properly.

Teaching Feng Shui and evaluating a property using Feng Shui principles are two separate sets of skills that would be undermined if we tried to do both the same time.

If Feng Shui works then why don’t more people use it?

In the East Feng Shui is commonplace. Homes are made and Businesses are run adhering to its common sense principles. In the West we’re less aware of the impact our surroundings have on our health, wealth and happiness.

Many people are cynical simply because it has a ‘funny name’ or they don’t understand the practical nature of it. Feng Shui is often misunderstood as a magical, mysterious or even a religious practice, or as not relevant to our modern lives.

On the other hand many people know the value and benefits of having a consultation but struggle to find a good practitioner that they can trust to do a good job.

Isn’t Feng Shui just about superstition?

No, the forms of Feng Shui I use are based on common sense, observation and experience.

For example, if 10 different people walked into a dark, damp, cold, dirty, unventilated office (An extreme example of bad Feng Shui)… chances are they would all want to get out of there ASAP. Not for superstitious reasons – it’s because humans need certain things in their surroundings (e.g. light heat and clean air) in order for them to relax and perform well.

This is an obvious example but Feng Shui addresses many other unseen influences that the environment has on the people within it.

There are some schools of Feng Shui that have evolved around odd culturally specific superstitions. Also, Feng Shui is often misquoted and misrepresented in a ‘New Agey’ kind of way. The Type of Feng Shui I use does not incorporate these practises.

Is Feng Shui anything to do with religion?

No, Feng Shui isn’t a religious practice. It’s been developed over thousands of years of observing people and the environment. Many of the past Masters may have come from different religious backgrounds but that was incidental.

Although it isn’t a religious practice, it can be used to enhance one’s religious or spiritual practices. For example: creating a meditation space, an altar or a prayer space in an appropriate sector of a building.

Can Feng Shui bring me wealth?

Yes it can, if you can create the right conditions to attract wealth. Most buildings have an area that can help bring in ‘good fortune’, if appropriately enhanced. Sometimes windfalls of good fortune do happen after a consultation, however these obviously cannot be guaranteed.

People living and working in environments with good Feng Shui are more likely to be healthy, active, happy, and alert to opportunities.

Feng Shui is not a lazy person’s way to riches, but it can enhance and support your wealth creation activities.

Why do you need my date of birth?

A good Feng Shui consultant will always fit the consultation to the needs of the client. In order to do this I need to know ‘who’ you are from a Feng Shui perspective – elementally and energetically. We do this by utilising different types of Energy profiling – sometimes called Feng Shui astrology.

Please don’t mix up the word ‘astrology’ with fortune telling.  It simply uses your time of birth to calculate which of the 5-elements are strong within you and which need supporting within your environment.

Can toilets damage my Health, Wealth etc?

In China where Feng Shui originated, toilets were dirty, unsanitary places which meant they created an unhealthy atmosphere that wasn’t ‘life enhancing’.  Because of this, toilets were always viewed as an energetic drain and therefore harmful. Today our toilets are clean and sanitary, so they are not seen as harmful in the same way.
A dirty toilet however, with the lid up will obviously create an unhealthy atmosphere in whichever part of the building it’s in. A clean toilet will rarely cause a problem.

Joy Taylor FSSA